Prepare Yourself for More Greatness

We want our students to keep going, especially since they have started from the Beginners classes. It is an exciting time for our students as this is the moment they will get to challenge themselves even further in body and mind. In our Intermediate Classes, they will keep on with the tae kwon do training they have received at a higher and more intensive level. They will further strengthen their endurance and enhance flexibility as they prepare for the Advanced Classes. 

Train with the Guidance of Our Mentors

The Intermediate Class is a crucial time when our students are tested to maximize their highest potential. They will bring with them the knowledge of their Beginners training. We have our fully trained instructors who make sure that the students are excelling and evolving. Our instructors also provide a very warm and encouraging environment so that our students feel inspired and highly driven to move forward each day.

Program Instructors