Get Ready to Greet the Warrior in You

At this point, our students have already finished the Beginners and Advanced Classes seamlessly. Their knowledge of tae kwon do is more superior than the average student's, and they have trained their bodies for years. At this point, we want our students never to stop and always aim for continuous progress. It is time to turn them into fighting champions and bring them closer to the finish line. 

The Road to Success is Neverending

Like the Advanced Classes, our students will experience a higher level of training in flexibility, endurance, and strength conditioning. They will get to practice the lower and upper body techniques they have trained for so long. They will hone their sparring and self-defense skills. At the end of this program, we remind our students that the road to glory has no finish line. They must keep progressing and learning while bringing the values of respect, discipline, humility, and mindfulness.

Program Instructors